Peyton Warwick

Peyton Warwick has never been that far away from Bank of Prairie Village or Dan Bolen. In fact Dan attended one of his soccer games when he was younger and even sent him a note commending him on his skills on the field. Soccer is in his blood and some of Peyton’s older brothers played college soccer. Soon enough, so was Peyton, playing in the Atlantic-10 Conference at the University of Rhode Island Men’s Soccer Program. He decided to major in political science.

Early Business Win

Peyton played soccer and studied, but he was already looking at business ideas. The one he targeted is well-known especially post-Covid but wasn’t really a big deal back in 2011: online food delivery. With the help of a developer and aided by his own personal savings and some leftover scholarship money, he built a site which he would name The restaurants would get a fax once the order was placed on the website.

It wasn’t too long before Grubhub, which had been around since 2004, started sending reps from Chicago to compete and Peyton felt out of his depth. He was 22 and didn’t feel like he had what it took to compete with Grubhub’s war chest and he ended up selling the code that had been built for the website to an online shoe company.

Corporate America

He had managed to make a bit on the sale and took some “time off” to train with Sporting Kansas City’s reserves for about 8 months. After that he moved on to a job with Insight Global, a tech recruiting firm that specifically targeted college graduates as employees. Peyton started with them in 2013 and by 2016 was managing an office of 50 account managers. He was 26 and the office was pulling in $5M annually in topline revenue.

It was around this time that Peyton says he saw “my professional life flash before my eyes.” He didn’t want to keep doing this and because he was in charge of the office he knew how much money he was making for the firm instead of for himself. He told them that he wanted to leave and start his own tech recruitment firm. They respected that and gave him a noncompete radius that led him to set up shop down in Fayetteville, Arkansas.

Starting from Scratch

He was staying at a friend’s and was on the hustle circuit, just looking for that first client which could then open all the other doors. By the end of the summer Aux Partners had snagged that first client: a warehouse worker. It wasn’t a tech job, but it got the ball rolling and before long Peyton was building a solid business.

Peyton really enjoyed getting to know candidates in person over coffee. It’s so much more meaningful to chat with someone and pick up on their quirks than to try to figure things out just from a resume or LinkedIn profile.

Back from Exile

His noncompete expired and Peyton came straight back to Kansas City and moved into offices in downtown Overland Park. The nature of his business was such that he needed a line of credit. Often Aux did direct placements for firms, but other times it simply allowed firms to lease their own employees, who were on Aux’s payroll, with their benefits. That meant Aux needed cash upfront while the billing caught up in the weeks and months after. Peyton’s first stop was the place he had banked since high school (which wasn’t us). They turned him down flat.

He ended up coming to us and we saw the promise of his business, but more importantly, we knew him and his family and were willing to take a chance on someone local who was creating local jobs. He took out a $50,000 line of credit with us in 2018 and paid it back the very next year.

When we asked why he banks with us, Peyton said, “If I have any issue I can just call you guys up and it’ll get solved. And sometimes if I get Dan on the phone I can pump him for some business advice. I love being valued and appreciated by the team and enjoy sitting down and talking with the tellers when I come in.

Sister Businesses

In 2019 Peyton saw a hole in the marketplace via requests that he consistently got from his clients. They needed web development help. Instead of leasing out employees to fix those individual issues, he decided to become the solution, Meld.Media and were born. Revsites launches in late Summer 2021.

The following year, 2020, ended up being one of Aux’s best years ever, as a massive shift to remote work drove up demand for his services. We’re excited to see how things continue for both Aux and Meld in this new year and can’t wait to see their continued growth!