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In March 2020, the phones just stopped ringing at Noble Designs. Sara Noble didn’t panic. She took out her line of credit with us and held it as a cash reserve, waiting to see what would happen. Then, in May, the phones started ringing again. It turns out that when you tell people they can’t leave their homes, they get to looking at them and realize, at long last, that they aren’t actually happy with how their home looks and feels.

This is Sara’s 18th year in business. She started very part time, in 2002, the way that many small businesses do: by doing one job and then being referred by friends and family. The business grew and got busier, but Sara had young kids and had to apply the brakes at times not to grow too fast at the risk of neglecting her family. The kids are much older now and she now has a team of five delivering full service interior design. Their goal is to offer a classic home with a modern twist. While they are often asked to help with new homes, in 2020 a lot of remodeling jobs came their way.

Sara came our way in 2017 after she found it to be a real pain getting a line of credit with her bank. She mentioned this challenge to a few friends, one of whom referred her to us. “Next thing I know I’ve got Dan Bolen calling me. I mean, who gets called by a president of a bank?” While we were able to help her with that line of credit, what keeps her with us is the banking experience: “I like the small town feel and how I’m made to feel welcome whenever I visit.

As Sara reflected about 2020, she mentioned three things:

  • Confidence. “If we were able to weather such a strange situation, we could handle what might come next.”
  • Process. “The quiet times in March and April gave us time to tighten up our processes and documents.”
  • Gratitude. “During a really challenging time, we were able to help make people’s everyday lives better.”

While Sara did fog the office and have the team work remotely for some time, they are back in the office, for the most part, continuing to do what they aspire to each day: “I want people to look and feel their best in their living spaces, and to go through the process with the minimal amount of stress necessary.” The process starts with a detailed questionnaire and often ends with clients happy with a result that the could not have achieved by themselves.

If you want to see more of what Sara and her team put together, you can take a look at their portfolio here or visit their showroom at 123rd and State Line. “We don’t do any canned rooms: we are 100% custom,” Sara insisted. You can also follow their work on Facebook and Instagram. And as for 2021? “I’m feeling optimistic: I feel that what we did in 2020 will bear fruit in this coming year.” We’ll continue to be by her side, supporting her and her team.

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