Stephen Heiner doesn’t remember the exact date that he first strolled into the lobby of the Bank of Prairie Village, but he remembers feeling welcome. “There were desks where real people were sitting down to chat with other real people."

In this ongoing series, we will profile customers who share why they choose to bank with us when they could bank with anyone.

He had spent years experiencing corporate banking to greater or lesser degrees, and had come to accept the sanitized ways of interacting with my bank as simply the norm in our times. “Those impersonal ways were neither good nor bad,” he thought, “this was just the way it was, wasn’t it?

After even a short time working with our team, his perceptions were changed and his expectations were raised.

  • He loved talking to real people. "The bank didn’t have an automated voice which put me into a never ending menu of options under the alleged guise of ‘helping us direct your call." We strive to have a real (and friendly!) voice pick up, usually within the first three rings. That friendliness is genuine, and allows us to have ongoing conversations with our customers, picking up where we left off the last time we chatted.
  • He got trackable solutions to his problems. "Real life happens, but the team is always there to help me. Problems with the debit card? They would get fixed. Problem with an authorization while I was traveling? Handled shortly after I called. If I had a specific issue with online bill pay? A coherent email thread which I was part of often had the issue wrapped up within a week." We can’t promise everything will be perfect all the time, but we promise we’ll always do our best to serve you in a timely manner.

With these new raised expectations and routine of personal service, Stephen would shake his head when friends would share their banking problems. He started walking friends into the bank, offering them a chance to raise their expectations too.

Funnily enough, this didn’t change when he sold one of his businesses, Get Smarter Prep, and moved to France. Now he started to run into new problems (“Why is my debit card being automatically restricted in Romania?”) but still got the same friendly answers when he called (even though now he was seven hours ahead).

While the rest of the world seemingly only woke up to the possibility of remote work in early 2020, Stephen has been remote banking with Bank of Prairie Village since he moved to Paris in 2013. He’s usually back in Kansas City once or twice a year, and stops in at the bank every time, usually with some exotic liquor or wine from France (as well as some hard-to-get tobacco from a certain Caribbean country that’s not so hard to get in Europe) to share with the team.

So why does Stephen bank with us? In his words:

The cast of characters at the Bank has changed over the years, as it does at any business, but the level of service has remained the same, as I’ve built new US-based companies (and a French one too), opened new personal and business accounts, and started to deal with the complexities of living abroad but still filing taxes with Uncle Sam. I could sit back and give you many more reasons why I continue to use Bank of Prairie Village as my primary US bank, but one will suffice: great, personalized, genuine service for me and my businesses.”