Dr. Stephanie Warden

Dr. Stephanie Warden very much considers Kansas City in general, and Prairie Village in particular, as home.  But as a military brat she was originally born in Munich, Germany. She graduated from Shawnee Mission East and then went to Lawrence for her undergraduate studies at KU before crossing the state line to go to dental school at UMKC, where she was president of her graduating class.

She’s had her practice for fifteen years now but when she started she was with another bank. They didn’t treat her poorly but they didn’t know who she was either. She heard of us via a family friend and given her location in Prairie Village we weren’t that hard to find. She considered just opening a personal account at first to build a relationship but when she experienced our service and friendliness, she decided to bring everything over, including her pre-existing business loan.

We refinanced her at a better rate and when the loan was paid off some years ago, her banker took her out to dinner! It’s moments like that that have made banking with us special for Dr. Warden. “I like knowing that anytime I need something that someone will be there to help. I also love the fact that Dan Bolen will periodically call me to check in and see how I am doing.” She’s paid it forward and sent many people our way over the years to get a better banking experience themselves.

In 2020 she had to close for six weeks as dentistry was originally ruled as non-essential. “I’ve always had to wear a mask and make sure our surfaces were clean anyway, so it wasn’t really a change for us.” Some of her patients have been cautious about returning but most have come back for their regular appointments.

If you’re wondering, she is still taking new patients, “from ages 2-92” she says. Her office is at 2200 75th Street, just before you hit State Line. When we asked what her future plans were, she replied that she was “only” fifteen years into her practice, and that she’s got at least another decade ahead of her. We look forward to being part of those next ten years, just as we’ve been part of her last ten years.